User generated content is constantly increasing, so is the amount of information. But is the available know-how in a company increasing in the same velocity? 

To make sure that your knowledge gets where it belongs, you need the right Content Design. That's the filter, which seperates essential knowledge from the non-essencial one; which finds the right way to communicate and which drags your know-how into the suitable lenght.  Your know-how should be atrractively packaged. The tool of our choice are Microlearnings.

Microlearnings are digital and analogue instruments to make know-how visible, save it and share it. 

NeuKurs was founded in 2012 by Dr. Felix Dibelka and Winni Ransmayr.  

Dr. Felix Dibelka studied business administration at the WU-Wien with a stay abroad at the New York University and the LSE in London. 


Because of his thesis about Strategic discontinuity management  is Felix Dibalka interested in the topic how companies handle their know-how. What he learned:

Early detection is possible, if knowledge is being shared.  

Felix Dibelka is now and then lecturer, for example at the KF-Uni Graz, the Donau-University Krems and supervises dissertations. 

Since 2009 works Felix Dibelka on international educational programms, since 2012 in form of NeuKurs Microlearnings.

Dr. Felix Dibelka


+43 1 962 11 22-12