A Microlearning campaig in print and video format over the period of a year

Goal: Optimisation of the production site

Andritz AG is working on the continuous improvement of their production sites. The location Graz-Andritz is supposed to be an example for future oriented location management. 

In collaboration with Andritz AG a Microlearning campaign was elaborated for this site. 

NeuKurs Microlearnings assist the leading team in finding a more efficient use of ressources in the production.

The basis of this campaign are Microlearning videos. They are being presented  on monitors to the employees in the course of the year.

Micropoints show where saving is possible 

Another component of the campaign are Micropoints. Significant, large sized stickers are being attached to spots where the saving of ressources is possible.

Because of their design they stand out as interceding elements. The mascot refers to the residents of the Andritz stream, which traverses the factory site in its bright quality.

Dramaturgy with suspense in three steps 

Micropoints draw attention appearing on certain spots. The mascot is still presented without text and content. 

The explaining Microlearning Video is being released only a few days later. 

As some more days pass by, texts are going to be added to the Micropoints 

(Call-to-Action). This is how an attention span is created to keep people talking about a topic for a longer period of time.  

We are here for you

Andritz AG 


Mitarbeiter Konzern 2016: rd. 25.700

Umsatz Konzern 2016: rd. EUR 6,1 Mrd.

Projektzeitraum: 2017

Produkte: Microlearning-Videos, Micropoints

Projektpartner: Andritz AG Standort Graz-Andritz

Dr. Felix Dibelka 

Partner, Senior Consultant

+43 962 11 22-12


FH-Prof.in Bettina Gneisz-Al-Ani, consultant